CV & Cover Letter

Self Test

Does your current CV include qualitative and quantitative achievements?

A strong executive profile/summary at the beginning?

If an employer were to read your CV, would he/she call you immediately for an interview?

If an employer looked up your LinkedIn profile, what would he/she assume?

Until today we have undertaken the writing of more than 600 CVs! Each CV, each academic and professional path, bears challenges:

  • frequent change of jobs/employers
  • uncompleted studies
  • termination of employment
  • job rotations within the same company
  • jobs without social insurance

We can manage all CV challenges cleverly and efficiently!

At lifepassport we apply the following procedure:

1st stage:

free evaluation of your current CV by email
If you don’t have a CV yet, we send you a questionnaire to fill in.

2nd stage:

brainstorming questionnaire for you to remember everything you have accomplished until today – take nothing for granted, consider nothing you did too easy!

3rd stage:

3rd stage: 1-hour coaching session covering the milestones of your CV and cover letter, your goals and your action plan consisting of: efficient job search tools, social networking (live and online, e.g. LinkedIn), self-marketing tips

4th stage:

postage by email of your final CV and cover letter in Word form, fine-tuning if needed

When you receive the new CV, you realize how you can maintain it in shape also in the future, so you are making a long-term investment!

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