Path and Values

  • March 2007





    HR Passport is born by Dimitra Karatolou, launching pioneer career
    coaching and personal branding services in the Greek market. Aiming at supporting
    people who are looking for a job or want to change jobs, HR Passport provides:

    -CV & cover letter writing
    -interview preparation
    -career planning

    While her work evolves, Dimitra realizes that most people need to discuss their professional worries and goals. So gradually her coaching skills expand -through new know-how and new tools- into deeper and broader subjects like career change, workplace dynamics, stress management, work-life balance and many many more.

  • 2010

    Drawing on her HR and people development experience, Dimitra also gets involved in corporate projects concerning organizational development, executive coaching and training at international and leading Greek companies.

  • energy_meetups[small]



    By combining coaching, positive psychology and networking Dimitra launches the “energy meetups!”, a series of open, interactive workshops that address a wide range of life and career issues. The combination of career & life coaching is being built…

  • 2015

    Dimitra’s coaching approach is now holistic, combining a wide range of methods and applying the dream-plan-act! model. So lifepassport is born.
    New name and services, but the same vision of Dimitra throughout the years:
    to support people in their personal and professional development, in the enhancement of their self-awareness and self-confidence so that they can live a conscious, full, happy life!

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