How would your life be if you…

  • clarified your thoughts
  • enhanced your self-confidence
  • dared to go after all your personal and professional goals?

The answers are always within us and our strengths are more than we think.

Your goals are my personal challenge.

Let’s team up, so you can achieve them!


Dimitra Karatolou, MSc

tr. Integrative Psychotherapist
Career & Executive Coach
NLP Master Coach & OD Consultant

counseling, psychology, career counseling, coaching, career coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, nlp, nlp master, coach

Ask clearly to receive!

It is wonderful to rely on your own strengths and draw on your self-sufficiency. However, do you tend to overdo it and get exhausted? Asking for something and getting asked, give and take, reciprocity is part of life. Asking means being attuned to what you want. Being attuned to what you want means living your life.

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    “Picture yourself in a field, which is fertile, but had not been cultivated for some time and is full of weeds and thorny wild herbs. You are standing in the middle of it, feeling confused. You want to see it flourishing again, but you have no clue how to do it.

    Eugenia Mavromati


    “The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Dimitra is her professionalism and passion for her work, which explains her great performance. Going back to our discussions, I realize that she also has a rare gift: she deeply understands people

    Kostas T.


    “When I decided to look for a job abroad, quickly I discovered Dimitra Karatolou. Dimitra proved a highly efficient coach during the whole job hunting process. From the interview preparation (the mock interview is eye-opening) to the psychological support