Career Orientation

Self Test

The time has come to choose a profession and a field of studies, but you are still wondering:

What do I really like?

What academic direction would be a promising ticket to the job market?

How can I organize my efforts effectively, in order to achieve my goal?

At lifepassport we dedicate the necessary time to get to know you, explore your wishes and talents. We fully understand that your daily schedule is demanding, therefore we plan with you how to arrange the 6 sessions needed on an average comfortably!

Through the dynamic dialogue and creative tools we work together on:

  • how you perceive yourself
  • how others perceive you
  • what are your strengths
  • what may be blocking your full potential
  • what are your goals
  • how to build an action plan with strategy and self-confidence

We are trained and certified in using psychometric tests. However, we choose to use them only as a supplementary tool because they often limit choices through their strict categorization instead of allowing ideas and unique combinations to emerge.
During the career orientation process we also arrange a session with your parents. On the one hand they help us get to know you even better, on the other hand it is important to understand the family dynamics and how you can get support for your plans.

If you are a school interested in career orientation, we can design together a programme, which combines group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions with the pupils.

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