Career coaching

Self Test

If you knew there was no way you could fail,

what would you change immediately in your professional life?

“I want to strategically manage office politics!”

“I don’t stand up for what I want…”

“I feel like I’m not in the right profession…”

“I struggle for work-life balance…”

“I want a strong resume and to stand out in the job interview!”

“I want to present comfortably and vividly in front of an audience!”

“I am looking for what suits me to pursue professionally…”

“I want to improve my social networking skills!”

It all starts with getting clear on what you want to achieve, what might be holding you back and
what can help you. As a coach I work in an integrative and holistic way, drawing on my years of
experience in career coaching, as well as in HR and Organizational Development positions in
Greece and abroad. I am therefore very familiar with both market trends and the dynamics
within companies. My parallel capacity as a psychotherapist helps us not to superficially manage
any internal blockages, but to solve them!

Coaching combines elements from psychology, sports, education and business. It draws from
the Socratic method, building on the dynamic, creative dialogue that generates ideas.

With an approach of “learning to fish, not just eat fish” as a coachee you discover your own solutions and build an action plan with strategy, clarity and confidence!

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