Preparing for a job interview
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Self Test

Do you go into the interview with strategy, courage, clarity?

Do you ask for what you deserve?

Do you listen to your instinct about whether the prospective employer is a good match for you?

How do you answer questions like:

“Why do you want to leave your current job?”

“What do you consider your greatest success and what do you consider your greatest failure?”

“What salary do you expect?”

“Why should we hire you?”

No matter what stage of your career path you are at, you are certainly being asked to stand out
among many other qualified and driven candidates. To date, I have conducted hundreds of
interviews as an interviewer in Greek and foreign companies, so I know from the inside what a
recruiter is looking for. Also as a career coach I have successfully prepared many people for
interviews in different sectors and hierarchical levels, for positions in Greece and in the
international arena.

My approach to a successful interview is to be real and at the same time to build your presence
and answers smartly and strategically. Show your smart, dynamic, authentic self!

The steps of preparation for the job interview that we follow in our partnership:

  • Studying your resume, your goals and coming up with specific questions
  • Mock interview, i.e. simulation of a real interview, with simultaneous video recording
  • Step-by-step analysis of the interview, identifying strengths and areas for improvement,
    specific suggestions for difficult questions
  • Stress management techniques and confidence building techniques to go into the interview
    with confidence
  • Review of your job hunting and how you can get more interview opportunities

The holistic and integrative approach that I apply also in preparing for the job interview helps
you achieve your goals. Don't wait to be discovered, boldly go out there and show who you are!

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