We perceive every training project we design and carry out as a personal bet! We build it step by step with innovative thinking, enthusiasm and professionalism, in order to bring the desired results and to lead to long-lasting positive changes.

For the above-mentioned reason, the tailor-made workshops we develop for each organization draw on our philosophy dream, plan, act!


We begin by discussing with you and analyzing the interaction in the work environment, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the corporate values, culture, needs and goals:

  • What is your vision for the development of your organization?
  • How could Departments function more effectively, while meeting challenges?
  • What personal and professional competencies should you foster at an individual and at a group level and what difference would they make?
  • How would your organization benefit from building a culture of constant learning and development?
  • How could training strengthen the strategic role of the HR Department?


To continue, by combining the trainer’s and the coach’s view, we develop the theoretical content and the interactive exercises for each workshop.

  • Communication: written, verbal, non-verbal/body language, intercultural,management of misunderstandings in communication, management of internal and external clients’ expectations, nonviolent communication
  • Personality and Emotions Management: emotional intelligence, self-confidence, assertiveness, anger management, stress management, work-life balance, time and personal energy management, mindfulness
  • Change Management: development and implementation of change in an individual and corporate level, personal change management (psychologically and practically)
  • Innovation & Creativity: creative thinking development, building an corporate culture of innovation
  • Teamwork: building team spirit, managing diversity, managing conflict
  • Leadership: team management and development, coaching skills, recruitment and selection
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): effective presentations, sales strategies, personal change

At this stage, we make suggestions and co-decide with you about the appropriate ROI assessment method concerning the organization and the training participants, on a short-term and on a long-term basis.


It is time to co-create with the training participants. Although each training program is unique, they all build on humor and imagination and activate both emotions and logic, while enhancing self-awareness and team spirit.
After the completion of each training program, we deliver a detailed report with comments, ideas and suggestions. In some cases, it may be meaningful to combine training with executive coaching, so that participants can further develop competencies or manage emerging needs.
Contact us, in order to discuss how your needs and goals can be transformed into a unique training program!

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