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Self Test

Take a minute and write down anything that comes to your mind when you hear the word “success”. There is no right or wrong answer. No matter what you write…it includes your thoughts and feelings!

Repeat the same process with the word “happiness”.

What do you observe?

What makes you happy matches your current lifestyle?

Online Coaching &
Psychotherapy Sessions

“I want to gain more self-confidence!”

“I tend to confuse the boundaries in my relationships…How do I set and protect them?”

“Due to my procrastination I lose opportunities. I am tired…”

“I often feel anger and fear. How do I manage my emotions?”

“How can I clarify my goals and plan effectively every step in my professional path?”

“I am interested in working abroad!”

“I want a career change, to discover what I truly want”

“I dream of starting my own business!”

“I want to lead my team more efficiently!”

“I am tired of feeling stressed all the time at work. How do I achieve work-life balance?”

“How do I manage office politics at work and in the international arena?”

“How can I go after a more senior position?”


The goal of every self-awareness process is happiness and success, no matter how differently each and every one of us defines these concepts!

Learning not only to eat fish, but to fish yourself, you discover your own solutions and you built an action plan with strategy and self-confidence. As a coach and psychotherapist my role is to act as a clean, clear mirror which helps you realize, understand, accept, change, move on. I provide support and care, but also the challenge… to dare! Trust and confidentiality are essential in coaching and psychotherapy.

Our life, our work… they are intertwined, they interact and co-exist consciously and unconsciously. A session touches all sides of our lives, it embraces our wholeness. Our therapeutic and coaching alliance is powerful and brings results!

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