NLP & Time Line Therapy TM

Self Test

Would you like to turn back time?

To change some of your habits?

To get rid of negative emotional burden from the past?

Any phobias that are blocking you?

Would you like to build more self-confidence and optimism?

Our choices and behaviours are guided by beliefs and values that we learned from the early childhood. As we move on in life, we reproduce – mostly unconsciously- everything we observed and absorbed until we were approximately 6 years old…

“In order to succeed, you need to work hard”

“You have to say ‘yes’ to be liked”

“You can make money only in illegal ways”

“You are not good enough”

We could go on and on…

Through our beliefs-filters we interpret the world, people, behaviours… As a result what we perceive as reality is our own perception of ‘reality’.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies exactly those subjective realities, how they are formed in our minds, how they are expressed in our words, actions and behaviours, how they affect our lives and development. NLP includes a set of tools and methods that help us realize how we have been “programmed” as we grew up, thus choose now consciously what we keep and what me programme in new ways.

The integrated method Time Line TherapyTM Techniques created by Tad James includes:

  • release of negative emotional burden from the past (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt)
  • change of self-limiting beliefs
  • removing of phobias (e.g. flying phobia)
  • dealing with traumatic events
  • goal-setting for the future


What would change in your life, if you felt lighter, happier and healthier?

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